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, christopher dorner accused of killing three people. l.a. county supervisors will request a $100,000 reward on tuesday for information leading to dorner's arrest. the big blizzard that went through the northeast has left behind a lot of snow. folks in the area are busy clearing the roads and shoveling snow off of cars. trying to get back to normal after a day of being stuck inside. 370,000 people are still without heat or electricity. >>> joe paterno's family have released a report be a solving the late coach of blame in the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. it said penn state's prior report from the paterno's widow is speaking out now as well on how she felt when she first learned of the accusations. >> it is still hard to accept, but when i read the first presentment of charges, i actually got physically ill. and couldn't read any more for a couple of days. >> the university responded to the family in a written statement saying it is understandable and predictable that people will draw their own conclusions and opinions from the facts uncovered in the fareed report. >>> boeing anxious to
of their own, a fugitive ex-cop. 33-year-old christopher jordan dorner, suspected of killing three people in a terrifying rampage, after making claims in a bizarre online manifesto that he was unjustly fired by the lapd and needs to clear his name. in a police department with a storied and troubled history, they have never seen anything like this before. here's abc's david wright with the latest. >> attention all units, speed into reference 1199 for lapd. >> reporter: over the past 24 hours, a deadly manhunt across this whole region. >> suspect vehicle still outstanding, it's a black nissan titan. >> reporter: police officers hunting one of their own, a rogue former officer now accused of hunting them. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: it all started sunday with a grizzly double homicide, 28-year-old monica kwan and her fiance keith lawrence shot at close range as they sat in their car. a murder with no apparent motive. the couple had
threats on two dozen police officers he intended to kill. dorner claims he was treated unfairly when he was fired from the l.a.p.d. in 2008 for making false statements. he filed a wrongful termination suit but lost the case. >> the people he had a grievance were fair game and so were their families. >> reporter: the killing spree began on sunday when the daughter of the l.a.p.d. captain was found dead along with her fiance and then thursday dorner shot and killed an officer and then shot two more. during the morning chaos police mistakenly shot and wounded two women delivering newspapers when officers thought they spotted dorner's truck. >> there are many local connections to this bizarre story. we continue our coverage. some of dorner's anger is targeted at bill bratten. >> reporter: bratten says he fired dorner when he was chief of police in los angeles and that puts him on dorner's list. tonight police say this situation is a reminder that officers can become targets. newly hired consultant is on christopher dorner's list. dorner sent a package to anderson cooper at cnn. inside a sho
lake, which is about 100 miles east of los angeles, belongs to christopher jordan dorner. dorner is the 33-year-old former lapd officer who has threatened, quote/unquote, unconventional and asymmetrical warfare on his former colleagues. he's also a former navy reserve lieutenant, and is accused of firing on four officers today, one is dead. dorner is also wanted in connection with a double homicide in irvine, where the daughter of a retired police department captain, monica quan, and her fiance, keith lawrence, were killed in the parking lot of their apartment. dorner is suspected of being on the run since sunday, and police warn he is armed and dangerous. and according to a chilling manifesto he posted online, dorner's shooting spree targeted officers and hair families and it isn't over yet. antonio villaraigosa is urging everyone to be alert as it isn't over yet. kyung lah is on the scene of the first shoot this morning. what can you tell us about this breaking news we have that they've been able to identify this burnt vehicle as dorner's vehicle? >> reporter: well, just about
to locating. christopher jordan dorner is his name. ex-navy reservist, ex-lapd officer with a grudge against the force. if you see him, do not approach him. get some place safe and contact authorities. the breaking news, police have located his burned out truck near big bear lake, which is about 100 miles east of los angeles. they have not, however, located dorner himself. just moments ago, we learned the fbi went to the suspect's home in las vegas. we don't yet know, however, what if anything, they discovered. meantime, back at big bear lake in california, fresh tracks were spotted nearby. however, police say they do not lead to the suspect. they are doing door to door. checkpoints are up on local roads. they've barred all choppers from the air space. christopher dorner is not only armed, dangerous and vowing revenge on his former fellow officers but also people close to them. in a strange and chilling online manifesto allegedly written by dorner he says, quote, i never had the opportunity to have a familiarly of my own. i'm terminating yours. as for his capabilities, a local police chief h
dorner is believed to be targetting his former co-workers and their families. new tonight -- an online manifesto has been uncovered. detailing the suspects plans. all, while the number of dead -- and innocent bystanders caught in the cross-fire mount. grant lodes is standing by with what we know right now. grant? and with the the the past and and with right now.swat team members are searching for the suspect in the san bernardino mountins near big bear ski resort.this is new video just into our newsroom. they're focusing their search in this area - about 100 miles east of los angeles, after finding the suspect's burning truck on athis is the latest twist to what's been a terrifying 16 california. 1:30 this the riverside county community of corona. christopher dorner allegedly gets into a shootout with two l-a-p-d officers who followed him after seeing his truck. one bullet grazes an officer in the head. and dorner takes off. a short time later, about 2- am today in riverside. two riverside officers are ambushed. police say dorner shot the officers while they waited at a stop
against authorities. the suspect's name is christopher dorner. a former military man - a navy reservist. he was fired from the los angeles police department. tonight. police are searching high and low to flush him out. and to try and stop him from killing again. grant lodes joins us now. with the latest developments grant? >> reporter: right now swat team members have rifles drawn.they're walking the san bernardino mountains near big bear ski resport. more than 100 other officers are going door to door in the area.searching for christopher dorner. the search is focused there because dorner's burnt pick-up truck was found in the area earlier today. kron four's charles clifford continues our team coverage with a look at the difficult task of searching for a dangerous man in the snowy san bernardino mountians. >> reporter: big bear is about 100 miles east of downtown los angeles, in the san bernardino mountains. this is a view looking north across the area, big bear city sits here and just to the south of town is the bear mountain ski resort. now christopher dorner's burned out truck was f
'm martin savidge. we're about to get new details about the hunt for christopher dorner. as soon as this news conference gets under way, we're going to take you there. >>> right now in the san bernardino mountains, investigators are trying to find christopher dorner. investigators say he killed three people, including a police officer and injured two others last week across southern california. dorner mthreatened more bloodshed, saying he wants revenge on the police department after it fired him. casey, what are you hearing now? >> reporter: well, martin, you talked ant that investigation. that is continuing and that search is continuing near the community of big bear. that investigation has been significantly down sized. yesterday there were 125 people in those search teams. that number is down to 25. a spokeswoman for the sheriff's office says they're going to reassess tomorrow whether they're going to continue that search effort. they are still using air power in that search. there's a helicopter being deployed with body heat sensors. they have received several reports of sigh
dorner implicated himself with a chilling 14-page manifesto in which he warned of more carnage to come and police are warning their potential targets and confirmed that some of the officers involved in the manhunt opened fire in two separate incidents thinking that the suspect was approaching them in his truck and turned out that two civilians were injured in the first incident. it's unclear what happened in the second incident and none of those people appear connected to the suspect in any way. we suspect to learn more on this when the los angeles police chief takes the podium and there the press conference is getting ready and that will happen at any minute and we'll bring it to you. in the meantime, we have fox news coverage and trace gallagher is in our news room. and adam housley is in riverside, california with the latest on the manhunt. and i know it's changing by the minute and what's the latest? >> it is, and you mention heed at that press conference is expect today begin any minute with the police chief of los angeles and he's also named in that manifesto, as somebody who cou
step closer to locating. christopher jordan dorner, an ex-navy officer with a grudge against the lapd. breaking news tonight, police have located his burned out truck near big bear lake. that's about 100 miles east of los angeles. that's the truck there, burned out. they have not, however, located dorner. just moments ago, we learned that the fbi went to the suspect's home in las vegas. we do not know, however, what, if anything, they discovered there. mee meantime, back at big bear lake, the l.a. times is reporting that fresh tracks were found nearby. check points are up on local roads and the faa has barred all local news choppers from the air space overhead. as for the suspect himself, authorities say that christopher dorner is not only armed, not only dangerous and vowing revenge on his former lapd officers but also people close to them. in a strange and chilling online manifesto allegedly written by dorner, he says, and i quote, i never had an opportunity to have a family of mine own, i'm terminating yours. as for his capabilities, a local police officer had this to say, quote, o
officers early this morning, one of them is dead. authorities warn christopher dorner is armed and dangerous. there he is on the screen. he's also accused in a double killing in irvine over the weekend. this all follows a chilling online manifesto in which dorner allegedly threatens to harm officers and their families. they are remote controlled aircraft capable of reining down fire from the skies. the secret drone program front and center. lawmakers were given details on the use of drones to target american terror suspects overseas. and the major architect behind the program facing some tough questions on capitol hill. counter terrorism advisor john brennan and president obama's choice to be cia director. his confirmation hearing begins in two and a half hours from now. >>> in tunisia today riot police filled the air with tear gas trying to keep furious crowds under control. have a look. these are the biggest and loudest protests in tunisia since the revolution there two years ago. the one that sparked the whole arab spring. a vocal critic of the government was shot dead outsi
suspected in three killings in a vendetta. christopher dorner says he was fired for being a whistleblower. district on alert. two women clear motive. details next. (male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing tonight at eleven. authorities on high alert as the search continues for alleged cop- killerwe just received the latest update on the search now bernardino mountains. death >> so far, we have not located him. we will continue the search throughout the night unless the weather hampers the efforts. this area will have multiple command units patrolling alter the night. >>pam: swat teams have been walking the area, near the big bear ski resort, searching for the former l- a-p-d officer. dorner is suspected of killing three people. in what's being described as a violent vendetta against l.a. police. dorner is a former military man - a navy reservist. who was fired from the l-a-p-d. the search is focused in the southern california mountains because dorner's burned pick-up truck was found in the area earlier today. kron four's charles cliffor
the latest on the search for christopher dorner. >> we're talking temperatures nearing 70 thursday into friday. today upper 50s low 60s. it is really the extended forecast that is interesting. sunshine and dry weather to go around for the next several days. more on what to expect coming up in my next report. >> it is still a pretty, right in the bay area. no hot spots or delays. >> big move, just hours ago something that hasn't happened in almost 600 years, and a boat is resigning. pope benedictus 16 an ounce in vatican city that he plans to resign at the end of the month. >> i can tell you that he met with the cardinals in rome this morning. he announced them and latin first. we have the translation for you and i can tell you he said in part. after having repeatedly examine my conscience before god, i've come before certain see that my strength due to an advanced age are no longer suited to an adequate exercise and the ministry. he goes on to repeatedly say he needs strength of mind and body to perform the duties of his office. he believes he no longer possesses these. as head of
and arizona. and in mexico for any sign of christopher dorner. by land and air, search teams are combing the mountainous resort area of big bear what i can where dorner's truck was spotted thursday. he's accused of killing three people, including a police officer and the daughter of a retired cop. police say it's just a matter of time before they catch him. >> we're coming together today to catch mr. dorner. what that means is we will look under every rock, we will look around every corner and we will search mountaintops for him. the riverside police department is pledging all of their resources to this effort. >> police are urging dorner to turn himself in. they say no one else has to die. he's apparently leaving key clues in surveillance video. casey wian has more on that part of the manhunt. >> reporter: the surveillance video from the alley behind an auto accessories store near san diego is time stamped 9:08 monday morning. 12 hours after the daughter of a retired lapd officer and her fiance were reported killed 90 miles away in irvine, california. it shows fugitive christopher dorne
the most pressing question right now is where is chris dorner, we are hearing reports that authorities found fresh traction in the snow that they are looking into near big bear. he has killed three people, including one officer and it is happening after he posted a chilling 20 page manifesto. >> reporter: a burned out pick up in big bear in southern california belonged to chris dorner. police say the former los angeles police department officer rampage continued this morning when he ambushed two police officers, killing one of them. >> a vehicle pulled up next to them and the driver of that vehicle fired multiple rounds from a rifle. >> reporter: another officer was crazed in a shoot out with chris dorner. in a manifesto he wrote i will bring unconventional warfare to those in los angeles police department uniform on or off duty. he was fired fired for making false statements when he accused a fellow officer of kicking a suspect. on sunday chris dorner killed a couple in urviver, including -- irvine, including an officer's daughter. chris dorner imp limited himself when he -- implicate
to mr. dorner's capture. we will not tolerate anyone undermining the security, the tranquillity of our neighborhoods and our communities. >> as the manhunt continues for former l.a. police officer christopher dorner, the city offers its largest reward ever for the man accused of killing three. in his online manifesto, dorner threaten to wage and conventional and asymmetrical warfare against the police department he accused of racism and corruption. the united states ratchets up this economic war against iran ahead of this month's nuclear talks. >> i want to underscore to iran, the window for diplomacy is still open and we have agreed to meet iran again in two weeks. we have made our position clear. the choice is really up to iran. >> will speak with president of the national iranian american council. and historian on the largest and unconventional life of misses paul robeson. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the vatican has announced pope an addict will step down as head of the catholic church later this month. it's a surprise move
on the manhunt, and we'll look into what dorner's grievance was with the lapd. we know he was fired from the force. the question is why? why was he removed from the police force? he said it was due to corruption because he broke the blue wall of silence. also here in the east, the punishing winter storm we have been covering a lot in the last hour. just now reaching its peak, and many hours ahead. not as bad in the new york region as it might have been. hurricane force winds in some places. power lines down. more than 130,000 customers without power tonight across new england. thousands of flights, as you know, canceled. even snow plows getting stuck. ia see that snow plow in boston. metro north cancelling service. the major highway from boston into long island shut down. jason carroll is in boston for us as he has been for several hours. ali velshi is on the cape, cape cod, in the town of dennis port. ali, it's looking like the snow, you're in a lull now. is that true? >> a little bit. the weirdest thing in the world just happened. i came out here to be on tv with you. and these two guy
the burned car. they did find, they say, is christopher dorner's car up in big bear. the sheriff department said they followed the footprints. they searched the area and have not found him. there's 125 police officers up there right now who are planning on working through the night in order to go door to door and also search the woods up near big bear. police are scouring the mown tans of big bear, california, hunting one of their own. >> certainly it could be anywhere at this point. >> former los angeles police officer and navy reservist is wanted for a shooting rampage that left three people dead, including a cop. >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. it is extremely worry? and scary. >> dorner was fired from the force in 2008. in a document posted on his facebook page, he named 11 people targeted for revenge. the manifest says i will bring unconventional and warfare for those in l.a.p.d. uniform. you will now live the life of the prey. police say dorner began his rampage on sunday, killing monica and her phion fiance in a parked car. the faithful said, i never had
these surveillance shots of them. christopher dorner, taken january 28t outside a hotel in california. also exclusive video on a firing range as an lapd cadet. we look into what dorner's grievance is with the lapd. why he was removed from the police force and why he says it was due to corruption. here in the east, of course, the snow, possibly more snow than anyone has seen in a generation sfa falling all day and starting to fall harder tonight. the forecast calling for nearly 3 feet in places. high winds blowing, 5,000 flights grounded. amtrak shut down in the northeast. travel bans, emergency orders in effect. people are being warned, take this seriously because the worst is expected to unfold in the hours ahead. we have a team of correspondents throughout the northeast and back in the weather center. we'll also be on live from 10:00 to midnight. let's begin in massachusetts. jason carroll is in boston. ali velshi is in cape cod. jason, what's going on where you are? >> well, anderson, right now, we're experiencing near white-out conditions in boston, massachusetts. we're in south boston, along a s
this morning in the manhunt for christopher dorner. the former police officer suspected of killing three people. we'll have an update on that story. of of >> a bicyclist hit and killed outside the giants fan fest event at a-t and t park. and the big dig out is underway in the northeast where a big winter blizzard hit this weekend. we'll have more on the top stories in a moment first here at home. with this live look outside at san francisco. let's check in withnew this morning. >> . is a beautiful start. but another cool start. some areas of frost with a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday's. clear and cool. chilean fairfield the afternoon highs will see some more 60s. -through chilly -- in fairfield. the same sic mixture of 60s. even some 70's. >> a fatal shooting in san francisco's hayes valley neighborhood claims the life of one man. it happened in near alamo square park around two this morning. neighbors reported that multiple shots were fired. police say they're still searching for the killer. we'll bring you updates on this story as they become available. our developing story. the ma
the snow in big bear california this afternoon on the trail of christopher dorner. they found his burned out truck in the mountain town 100 miles from los angeles. john mcmahon is sheriff of san san bernardino county. >> certainly could be anywhere at this point and that's why we're searching door to door. >> reporter: law enforcement is on tactical alert even surrounding los angeles police headquarters to defend it. at 1:25 this morning, the former cop and navy veteran allegedly shot at two police officers in corona california, wounding one. twipt minutes later he killed a riverside, california policeman in a stop light ambush. dorner is believed to have multiple weapons including a semiautomatic rifle. police chief charlie beck: >> of course he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also a member of the armed forces. it is-- it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> reporter: dorner was fired by the l.a. police department in 2008 after filing a false brutality complaint against a fellow officer. a document dorner is believed to have post
security at their headquarters because the spblgt used to be one of their own. christopher dorner is wanted in multiple shootings spanning six days. the 33-year-old said he's declaring war with the lapd after losing his job. according to his late and rambling manifesto, he wants to revenge until his name is clear. he writes the violence of action will be high. i will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare. dorner is accused of killing a couple and shooting at two police officers killing one of them. his vehicle was found in the big bear area, so far no sign of the man police describe as armed and dangerous. nbc's stephanie stanton has more from los angeles. >> reporter: this burned out truck belonging to suspect christopher dorner was found in the mountains two miles east of los angeles. but dorner himself was nowhere to be found. >> dorner is considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: dorner posted aing lengthy manifesto on facebook detailing threats against police officers he intended to kill. dorner claims he was treated unfairly when fired from the l.a. police departm
angeles officer christopher dorner. the man hunt is underway for the former los angeles police officer accused in a revenge killing spree that has left three people dead. today -- helicopters and countless of officers continued to search the area where the truck was found. the los angeles police department say they'll reopen the disciplinary proceedings that led the firing of dorner. while making a public plea for dorner to turn himself in. police say the re-exmination of dorner's allegation is to ensure the public knows that the l-a-p-d is quote " fair and transparent." >> we are all hoping that he will reopen this case and that he will turn himself in a. that will be the best resolution. no one else has to be shot, injured or die. >> right now, police officers and their families are being protected by other fellow officers after police say dorner made threats against them. we'll have more on details behind dorner's termination coming up later in the newscast. >> ny currently has the nation's toughest gun laws, but california may soon be ahead of the pack. a group of senate democrats
-old christopher dorner the ex-lapd officer they say is now hunting his former colleagues. >> the streets will be full of patrol cars. of>> reporter: the heaviest search is taking place in big bear, california. dorner's burned-out truck was found there thursday afternoon and a door-to-door search is under way. >> we'll head back down closer to where we live and keep my family safe. >> reporter: dorner posted a manifesto on his facebook page where he vowed to get revenge for being fired in 2009. >> he is armed and dangerous. >> reporter: outside lapd headquarters, officers are taking the unusual step of patrolling their own headquarters in case dorner attacks. >> he knows what he's doing. we trained him. he was also in the military. >> reporter: police say dorner began his rampage on sunday killing monica quan and her fiance. her father, former lapd captain randy quan, represented dorner at disciplinary hearings. dorner threatened quan in his facebook manifesto saying, "i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours." pol
'm ken bastida. the massive manhunt for christopher dorner is now centered in the mountains east of los angeles. and anytime now, the weather could complicate an already difficult and very dangerous search. >> it's very cold. the conditions aren't very good. the snow is expected to start. >> the search is now shifting, largely to the air. through the night, law enforcement will be relying heavily on helicopters outfitted with thermal imaging equipment. cbs 5 reporter edward lawrence begins our coverage from los angeles tonight. edward? >> reporter: ken, that weather is going to cause problems. that's because at the moment, there were footprints in the snow according to the sheriff. they believe they were from the ex-lapd officer. they were following the footprints. they did not find him. however, if the snow comes in, it will cover whatever tracks he's left, if there are more out there. it also will make it more difficult for the 125 officers who are on the ground going door to door and searching the wooded areas up near big bear.
of the buildings to make sure there are no signs of dorner. and as you were talking about earlier, this is a sweeping manhunt that's extended through southern california to the u.s.- mexico border including parts of nevada. they have checked suburban streets. they have looked at a naval base near san diego. and most recently in that snowy community about 80 miles east of l.a., they have even followed foot tracks, but so far, the suspect still is on the loose >> reporter: police say helicopters equipped with infrared and thermal imaging searched through the night for 33-year-old christopher dorner the ex-lapd officer they say is now hunting his former colleagues. >> the streets will be full of patrol cars. >> reporter: the heaviest search is taking place in big bear, california. dorner's burned-out truck was found there thursday afternoon >>> 4:57. new details in this week's cable car accident. and a door-to-door search is under way. >> we'll head back down closer to where we live and keep my family safe. >> reporter: dorner posted a manifesto
kill are, chris dorner. the latest on that search coming up next. >>> welcome back. officials are offering a million dollar reward for help finding a los angeles ex-cop, accused in a killing rampage. the manhunt for christopher dorner began more than a week ago in california after officials say he shot and killed college basketball coach monica quan and her fiancee. she is the daughter of the retired lapd captain who represented dorner in a review that led to his dismissal from the police force. investigators say dorner also ambushed two officers in riverside, killing one, seriously injuring the other. they believe that dorner is out for revenge. in a lengthy facebook posting, so-called manifesto, the ex-cop and former u.s. navy reservist calls out people he blames for ending his career with the lapd. officials are protecting the families of those on his supposed hit list, but until they track dorner down, there's fear that none of them can be safe. >> william is live from lapd headquarters. william, police held a briefing an our ago. what did we learn? reporter: well, we lear
with snowfalls reported as great as 38-inches. >> geraldo: in the southwest, hurricane dorner. the disruption and widespread epidemic of fear fueled by the killing rampage of a fugitive ex-l.a. cop. a navy veteran and weapons expert who after killing three is still at large despite an intense manhunt that stretches from l.a. to san diego to big bear mountain and beyond. >> dorner is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. onlineed by the online manifesto alleging that his career as a cop was undone by racism. even as most condemn the murders some remember rodney king, the o.j. simpson murder trial and the troubled relations between copses and te black community. most agree the lapd has changed since the old days and it is not racism but brutal murder. >> when you have something of this nature, someone who is highly trained and highly capable, having been a police officer in the past. having had prior military experience who made threats that you have all read about in the manifeste we take this seriously. >> we will be live from l.a.p.d. head quarters later in the show. we begin tonig
>> millones de dólares como recompensa por información que lleve a encontrar a christopher dorner después de declrar guerra contra policía de los Ángeles , en san mateo ola de robos, le diremos que recimiendan las autoridades >> trasporte gratis para sus hijos les diremos donde ir >> noticias univisión 14 fin de semana >> hola, ¿qué tal?, muy buenas noches, soy ramos gracias por acompañarnos. niños de san francisco tienen transporte gratis desde marzo, hay miles de solictudes enviadas a las escuelas, si no tiene le diremos que hacer >> comosion de transporte ayudara a las familias >> tenga listo lapiz y papel para decirles lo que debe hacer >> están felices porque sus hijos tendran transporte ratis >> 2 van a la escuela >Ç>ahora no tienen que apartar dinero para transporte >> las escuelas tienen tarjeta para que sea gratissegun agencia de transportes hay miles de colicitud y evaluaran el número de viajes también lo que dicen los jovenes y después de más de 10 meses veremos si seguimos con el programa >> niños con los siguientes requisitos (información en pantalla) pueden soli
has all but vanished tonight. police still on the hunt. this picture of christopher dorner was taken january 28th by a security camera at a hotel in orange county. it is the most recent photo of dorner we know of. for the latest on the search to find him before he hurts anyone else we turn to ama dates who is in the newsroom. >> 33-year-old christopher dorner, the former officer suspected of going on a deadly rampage fuelled by revenge has managed to evade police another day. the search for him in the san bernadino mountains has been scaled back because of a fierce winter storm. heavy snow blanketing big bear valley made the manhunt for excop and accused killer challenging at best. the investigators began scouring big bear thursday when dorner's smoldering truck and tracks were found. >> the tracks are not related to dorner. there was also of a report of a door kick at a cabin in the seven oaks area. they checked that out. it is old damage. >> air support had to be called off because of the storm. police used snow caps to access and check more than 200 cabins. under the cover of dark
that led to chris dorner's firing and look into what may have insure gaited it. >> he is not opening it because of the accusations or the musings of someone who is a multiple murderer. he wants to do it because he wants tone sure that the public knows that the los angeles police department is fair and transparent. >> dorner alleged that he was wrong fallly fired after alleging that his partner used excessive force in an arrest. >>> there are still no signs of christopher dorner. they believe dorner is heighting out in east los angeles. more on the latest developments from los angeles. >> reporter: california authorities say that the search for fired los angeles cop christopher dorner is the most significant man hunt in the state's history. they say they have discovered new clues left behind in dorner's abandoned burned out pickup truck. cps found that dorner had two long range rifles, cold is viefer gear, gas mask. he says he is out for revenge in the 2008 firing from the lapd. l.a. police chief told cbs affiliate kcps that he is reopening the investigation. >> i'm not doing this it
5. >>> in another case there is a $1 million reward out for the capture of christopher dorner. it's been seven days since dorner allegedly killed three people as revenge for being fired from the lapd. the search is concentrated in the mountains 80 miles east of los angeles where his charred truck was found on thursday. tonight, the search is being scaled back. edward lawrence explains why. >> reporter: for the first time since the murders started, an award is being offered for the capture of christopher dorner. >> this group is posting an award of $1 million for information that will lead to mrs. dorner's capture. and they told the cbs station kpix that they reopened that investigation and agreed to talk to dorner about it. >> if he was to give himself up, then we would be glad to listen to what he had to say. >> reporter: in big bear, california, police scaled back the search for dorner in the snow. the last clue investigators have of his whereabouts was thursday, when the officers found his burned pickup truck near the mountain resort. the search has shifted to rely on informati
for an ex-cop who's hunting other police officers. christopher dorner is heavily armed, accused of killing tree people and he posted a hit list online. the manhunt covers three states and the coast of mexico. teresa garcia is outside los angeles police headquarters. teresa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. this has certainly been a tense location out here with so many officers stationed on different corners. we even have a chopper that's been flying overhead with a searchlight going around. you know, this is a sweeping manhunt. as you said it's extended across california through the u.s./mexico border and through nevada and the latest search has been up in the snowy part of the community with officers following foottracks tracks but so far he's still on the loose. police say helicopters equipped with infrared light searched through the night for christopher dorner. they say he's now hunting his former colleagues. >> the streets will be full of patrol cars. >> reporter: the heaviest search is taking place in the mountain community of big bare, cal
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